[MOC] Townhouses-Dollhouses

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I had an idea to build a town diorama, but with completely furnished interiors, so you could see the life of minifigs both outdoors and indoors.

So these are the first two buildings I've made.

There's an apartment on the first and second floor and a grocery store on the ground floor. I had to hurry up to finish this in time for our exhibition a few weeks ago and I didn't have enough time to furnish this building so I decided they just haven't moved in yet. :) The ground floor will be done soon.




The second building is actually made of two semi-detached houses.


There are two ladies living in these houses and as you can see from their apartments, they are quite different from each other.

Higher resolution photo of the interior can be found here: https://c2.staticfli...441722c1c_o.jpg


All suggestions are welcome. :classic:

My Flickr page: https://www.flickr.c...os/-galadriel-/

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Well done. I had considered doing something similar. Basically remove the rear facade and focus on better interiors with the official modulars (and my own creations of course). That way you could have better accessibility for play if you were so inclined, plus showing it off easier at conventions. The concern for me would you have it on a turntable so people can see both exterior/interior, or only show one. If that is the case, why do an interior at all and just line up the tables with modular fronts. (another thing I've considered, just build interesting facades about 8 studs deep or so for structure).

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These are great! The amount of detail you have incorporated into these small spaces is really impressive. My favourites are the red couch (the double one), the bookshelves done with the panels and the front doors.

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Fabulous interiors! You've really used the space effectively. I love the little step inside the first floor and how the attics are crammed full of old stuff.

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