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Feuer Zug

Navy Seabee

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Another commission I built. My grandfather served as a Seabee in the Pacific theater during World War II, and it made me proud to create this piece.

The Navy Seabee logo was designed by Frank Iafrate. He said, “…I thought of a bee — the busy worker, who doesn’t bother you unless you bother him. But provoked, the bee stings. It seemed like an ideal symbol.

“The rest came easily. I gave the bee a white sailor’s cap, various tools to show his construction talents, and finally a Tommy gun to show his fighting ability. I made the bee a third-class petty officer (E-4) with the 1942 Naval insignia used by the first Seabees on each arm … a machinist’s mate, a carpenter’s mate, and a gunner’s mate.”

Information from: The Seabee Museum and Memorial Park http://www.seabeesmu...ightingBee.html





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Nice one Feuer Zug :sweet:!

I really like your build and the story behind it - well done!

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