[MOC] 42038 C-model Snowmobile

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I was looking at the Arctic Truck (42038), and thought that it could make a decent snowmobile. So I sat down to do something about that.


I started by building the track unit, as this would provide the scale for the rest of the model. It's based on the square frame on the bottom layer and uses the large ball & socket joints on the upper layer with the return rollers. One of these plugs into the rest of the snowmobile and provides the flexibility for the rear suspension.


The next part I built was the suspension and articulation at the front, then the nose that contains the engine in a real snowmobile.


Then I had to figure out how to connect them! Possibly not the best order to build in, but never mind . . .

I did the steering at this point. Getting the rack to stay in place was more trouble than it should have been.

Then the skis and the handlebars.

I finished off with the windscreen.

I'm quite pleased with it. It's the first MOC I've built in 20 years so the first studless - my lego was tucked away in my folks attic until my now 6-year old got me back into it, and I got a few kits.

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It looks good, my only two critics are the hood should come up higher instead of using flex axles, but that can be covered in an update later, and usually snowmobiles also only have 1 track, but 1-I'm just being picky cause most people in my country have one, and 2-you can just call it the "ultimate" snowmobile :wink:. Also I noticed it's your first post, so welcome to eurobricks!

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Nice job, and good use of the stickers. I imagine this would be a difficult set to do a C model for.

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The stickers do limit what will look good, but you just have to work with them.

I did it mostly from memory, which accounts for the hood and the tracks. I'd have used 2 loops anyway, becuase I wanted to use as many bits as possible, and one track would have made it too long! The gap between them does allow space for the suspension which then attaches to the centre of the vehicle. Attaching to the sides would have been tricky and I don't think it would have been as strong. I'll have a look at the hood/windscreen.

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