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Brick Capone

[MOC] Small Neo-Classic Space Lunar Speeder

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Hello everyone. I am rather new to Eurobricks, and I'm happy to be on this site now posting and commenting on lego creations, etc. Anyway, I've always liked Classic Space. I've been ordering a lot of space stuff from Ebay and Bricklink lately in hopes of assembling a moon base in the future. So while I'm waiting for those, with the space stuff, and the blue parts I currently have, I decided to make a variety of neo-classic space stuff for the moon base too. I may release a few more ships in the coming days, weeks, etc. Anyway, here it is.

21820364580_d6d33464a3.jpgSpaceSpeeder1 by Jim Kirk, on Flickr

So frontal view. The Classic Space minifigs patrol the planet surface. The build is very simple, but I like it. It has a frontal blaster/scanner, controls and a seat for one minifig, and a back engine.

21385756584_c05b9f1e1a.jpgSpaceSpeeder2 by Jim Kirk, on Flickr

Side view. Antenna for communicating with the base.

Hope you liked it, please leave comments, criticism, etc. Thanks.

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