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[K - A06] A leader lost - Part III

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:: A leader lost – Part III ::

:: Guinevere ::

Astonished, I looked at the gate showing a Jules Verne like “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. The temptation was pulling me towards the glowing centre of the portal. When I reached the portal at four feet the gravity pulled me further in and before I knew it a bright flash took me into a wormhole. Steaks of red, orange and yellow sucked me into a fifteen minute flight through nothingness, until my feet felt rocky soil. The lit stripes were replaced by a glowing sun. Blue sky everywhere, white clouds and the damped atmosphere pearled small drops on my harness.


From my backpack I pulled the binoculars. The hi-tech gear didn’t seem to work. The energy was lost in the journey here. The same applied to every other piece of equipment I brought. All batteries and energy packs dried out. Even my plasma gun couldn’t fire a single shot. So I have to rely on my keen eyes and bare hands for protection.

The small cliff that I was standing on, gave me an excellent view of the area. Small streams, green meadows, tall treelines and grey mountains. It looks like home, but prettier. Unimpaired.

When I turned around to see what the gate would look like from this angle, there was only a silhouette of the portal. Stone carved, but no energy. No portal, no way back. What now?

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Interesting! The build is cool! I like the "almost semi circle" or grate pieces! Can't wait to see what comes next! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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