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Moving to UK, any ideas how to ship LEGO collection?

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Hey there,

My question especially for those who've moved to another country for good (EU zone, UK to be exact);

Will be moving to UK if everything goes according to plan, want to move my collection as i invested a lot both in money and in effort.

Anyone did something like this? Any of your comments, opinions, suggestions are welcome.

Do i need to pay any import taxes for private goods? Will be shipping to myself.

What method should be used?

Which company could be used? Any known international movers?

Any occurred problems/solutions?

Thank you.

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If you own it and have owned it for over a year, you wont have to pay tax on it. But be careful if you have un opened boxes, if you have receipts for that it might be a good idea to get them out tif you kept for insurance purposes)

Rest of it, sorry unable to help with that. Also the customs shouldn't have you for your stuff anyway as long as you are not planning on selling it.

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