Jody Meyer

[O - TECH] Octan Engineering bay and Head of Engineering

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Introducing Octan Inc. Engineering Bay and Headquarters for engineering.


The front end of the building shows the many offices for Engineers / Techs / Scientists / Trades


In the Backside of the building is were the magic of Octan happens, The large Bay doors open any vehicle from Land / Air and Water come out to get tested by our skilled pilots of Octan


The large Telecommunications tower is for our people here on Farmolis to communicate to our Various explorers and pilots anywhere in the Andromedia Galaxy.




The two rounded fronts are for gyms / restaurants / Auditoriums for speeches and meetings


This was my first micro build, took longer then I though it would...Hope it's ok.


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Neat facility, but I think the proper prefix tag is [O - TECH] :wink:

Yeah wasn't sure what to put if it needs to be fixed i am hoping admin can help me out.

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