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"Green vs Red" Green Lantern inspired Comic

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Hello fellow AFOL,

I recently made another of my Brick Comics stories. This time it features Hal Jordan Minifigure. It is my tribute to Green Lantern 75th Anniversary.

It is set in the same universe of my previous Jar Jar story ( I posted it here some time ago :classic: )

Anyway you can read the story here:

Green versus Red

I even made a cover for this story:

21797391512_d93c304632.jpgGreen vs Red (Brick Comic Cover) by BrickSev, on Flickr

Here is a brief synopsis:

"A mysterious phenomenon is bringing many realities from the whole Multiverse in contact.

As events of epochal significance (and others of trivial importance) take place the notoriously hated Clumsy Creature ( represented by Jar Jar Binks Minifigure :wink: ) allies himself with various villains in order to have his revenge against those who despise him.

One of this villains is the infamous Red Headpiece. He has grand plans of conquest but his base has been stormed and one of the Multiverse’s greatest heroes is intended to bring him to justice…"

I hope you like it.

It truly took a lot of efforts to make this Brick Comic, especially the Green Lantern constructs so any comment and feedback is very appreciated.

Thank you very much :classic:

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Thank you. I 'm glad you like it :classic:

Sometimes it seems there is not a great audience for those comic stories but I really enjoy making them :classic:

Creating the Green Lantern "construct effects" was the most time consuming part of making this comic it was very fun :classic:

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Nothing wrong with your imagination :classic: Well i like your creativity!

Thank you :classic:

Sometimes it seems those works are lost in the vastness of internet. I know there are many persons who like both Lego and Comics but sometimes it truly seems so difficult to reach a larger audience.

Anyway I really enjoy making those comics so I keep going :classic:

Thank you again for your words :classic:

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