Poe's X-Wing Fighter Stand

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Hello, and I'm sorry if this has been talked about before or I post in the wrong sub category.

I recently got "

Poe's X-Wing Fighter" set and seen that in the Lego store they had it mounted on this transparent plastic stand, I think that looked way better then if the ship is just flat. Does anyone know if these stands are available to buy and if so where? I'm in UK but any online place will do.

Many thanks!

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A picture would help...

From what I know about the LEGO Display's , they're glued solid and screwed on a stand... Not realy an option for us in general.

What you could do is 3 things :

1 Build a stand with trans clear bricks or transclear Technic beams

2 Go to your local hobbyshop ( or constructionmarket ) and build one yourself

3 Search the internet for a "Stand" ... lots of stores used these to show products.. so they're out there.

grtz Saint

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