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[K - A06] - A Leader Lost - part II

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:: A leader lost – Part II ::

:: Guinevere ::

More days past behind the screens of the library, until I crossed some documents of a similar case decades ago. When he dug into the story deeper he found out it was his ancestor Nar Bilu of Hemresa, Lord of Avalonia who was stung by a creature. Tales told it was a curse, but we now know better than that. Those same stories told it was a person from far away who cured him. Those terms could mean two things, he was not from Historica or not from that planet. Further investigation of the documents tells me that the latter is more reliable.

Days went by, trying to find out what cured my great grandfather, after who I was named. I had to translate dozens of files from languages I’ve never seen before, but... I found something that seems like an answer. There is a cave here on Guinevere, which carries an odd plant. That mixed with the essence of Biomass, should do the trick.

I assessed myself and decided that I have gained enough strength to burden myself with an exploration mission on Guinevere. Try to find the cave. I packed a gun, binoculars, a vile of Biomass essence and a medikit.

The hoover-scooter took me upon the surface of craters, lava streams and erupting volcanoes until I found a couple of mountains with caves on a quiet piece of the planet. The directions in the documents were not very clear, but research pointed me to this location. The first few caves were not fertile enough to support any form of life, but when I searched for the fourth cave I was surrounded by fungi and trees.


Initially I found the cave. The entrance was build, with some sort of technology and when I approached it, it came to life. It lit up and behind it, I saw green meadows, trees, water and a building. My curiosity couldn’t withstand the temptation.

To be continued...

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Great scene. So much suspense! The forced perspective is awesome...I wonder what's in that building inside the cave? Will it hold what Narbilu has been searching for?

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