[SoNE Ep. IX] Suspicious Rodians

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Hey, I know I've missed the deadline by a day, but I'm renovating my flat and the workers agreements on dates suck big time ... I have only today managed to set a refugee camp in my kitchen to take and edit the pictuers of this MOC I've finished about a week ago. But anyway feel free to disqualify my entry, I just wanted to participate in all the fun episodes! Also sorry for a bit bad image (let's say it's a rainy night), I just don't have the energy to edit anymore today and probably won't find the will to do so anytime later ... :(


Karin: Commander, the Rodians from the Black Sun are meeting a Bith representative in front of the night club in sector I13. I'll see what more information I can get. Over and out ...

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Nice build! I like the greebles below the platform. The building has a nice design too. Very Coruscanty!

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