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Tags: Military, Civil

The moment that all some have been waiting for (part II)! Continuing basically where we left off…


*static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 016,


Nu’q: I’m…sorry.

*Gunshot* (Note, real gun, not blaster, thus blood)

Beltar and his friends were forced to retreat….being pursued by Madame Kawashita. Nu’q activated a com beacon for any Kawashita Guards around to converge on their Location…Kawashita Dark Ops was very, very close by.


Jeb: Come on, come on! Quickly now! Dang, Dark Ops!

Beltar; Yeah, yeah yeah, my arm is gushin’ out blood if you haven’t noticed!


Robin: Shoot.

Kraig: We are surrounded!


Jeb: Everyone stop. Just wait.


All of them would be branded criminals in Kawashita…if they weren’t already.

Jeb: I’m sorry, but-



Beltar: Screw Octan. And Mantis. And Kawashita.

Lauren: That sonuva-

Robin: Look my friends, a mustache-man approaches.


Beltar: Doctor Markam, and your little slave, Mr. Petere.

Markam: Silence. I helped save your life! The LEAST you can do is respect me!

Beltar; Like that’ll happen.

Markam: Disarm them.

All of the guards near them grabbed all of their equipment and threw it in a pile…


Markam: Madame, would you please remove Lauren from this… disturbance.

Madame Kawashita: As you wish.

Lauren: Wait, wait! WAIT! Sonja! Beltar! BELTAR!

Sonja: …


Beltar: NOOOOOOOO! You’re a monster Markam…

Markam: I know.

Lauren: BELTAR!

Markam: Time for Kraig.

Kraig: What, what, what, Doctor, we can work something out? Hehehe?


Markam: You will be reprocessed. And perhaps re-brainwashed.

Kraig: …Si-…

Beltar: Please…Spare him.

Markam. NO, you know what, now I need to set an example. ARCHER, on your knees.


Robin: No need to push mate!

Beltar: No. You don’t have to do this Doctor.

Markam: You have pushed me to the extremes.


Robin: It was a…memorable journey to say the least my friend. Good-bye.

Beltar: Ah screw my life. Good-bye.

*Blaster Shot*

Beltar looks at the body, wondering if he is next….

Markam: Alright come on you fool. You’re going to finally await trial…


Sonja: I…I’m sorry….I…didn’t realize what would happen…Forgi-

Beltar: I will never forgive you. Rom. Or even Rod.

Nu’q gave a nudge because of a datachip in his hand…

Nu’q: Beltar, keep moving.


Beltar: ….Thank you……

Nu’q: Move along.

That chip could be Beltar’s way out.


Markam: Get someone to clean that up fool!

Dark Guard: As you command.

Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 016 kszzz


Back to extra pics!


Hallway 1


Hallway 2


Hallway 3


Hallway 4


Hallway 5

Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story. Basically, Beltar is screwed right now, every ally except Nu’q is gone….I can't believe I just 'killed' Robin... Hope you liked the build and story. I’d like to say that some of this story included what Nuck character would actually do in this situation (No, he did not suggest killing Robin.). As always, C and C welcome!


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The build is a bit plain, but the story is top-notch! :sweet: I'd like to think Jebediah is more honorable than to just desert Beltar... but oh well. It's an important plot device! Down with morality! :laugh:

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Damn... my excellent plan may not have executed as brilliantly as I thought. Farewell Robin! :look: Oh well, the most important thing is still that Beltar is safe! :sceptic:

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Wow lots of action. Great story. Poor Robinhood

I have just one question. Why do you hate MANTIS?

Quote "

Beltar: Screw Octan. And Mantis. And Kawashita".

So far MANTIS is the only faction that hasn't abandoned you or, you know, kidnapped your wife. :laugh: MANTIS would be more than willing to assist you in your quest to find your wife, and defeat the Kawashita forces in the process

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