[MOC]Episode V-Cloud City Dining Room

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Very nice, I like that you have some stuff on the exterior too. One minor critique is that in your screenshot the wall "art" on either side of Vader is the same, but in yours it is unique per wall. But a great MOC!

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Apologies for the delay in commenting on this KevFett2011, I intended to but go side-tracked somehow!

Considering the 'minimal' look of the scene, it was always going to be difficult to create a really stunning MOC, but you've replicated the key elements very well and it's instantly recognisable. You've added some nice little touches to add some interest to it, but if you're considering ways to improve it, I'd also suggest adding some plates etc to the table, and possibly using a trans-light blue back for the circular window and possibly adding some back-light to it :classic:

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