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Greetings my fellow Lego Castle Fans. This last weekend I came up with the idea of a Lego RTS game based on the recent Lego Castle and Kingdomes lines, and have been going crazy making units and buildings ever since. I originally planned on submitting the concept to Lego Ideas, but I looked and they don't take suggestions for software or games. I totally think an RTS based on Lego would be rad. I've attached a link to my flickr a long with a few highlights.

21675497831_d6362b0e1b_n.jpgRed Dragon Workshop by Dan G, on Flickr

21675492411_c666d78a3b_n.jpgRed Dragon Fortress by Dan G, on Flickr

21478401030_504867fd75_n.jpgRed Lion Workshop Units by Dan G, on Flickr

21479493009_fc03dc57c1_n.jpgRed Lion Castle by Dan G, on Flickr

21666281955_58eaa2d04d_n.jpgIron Golem and Clockwork Knight by Dan G, on Flickr

View the rest here.

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