[MOC] Spark Raid Buggy with Sbrick and Instructions

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My two last buggys ware small and quick, so this time I wanted to build a big one.

And here is it: big and faster than you probably think...

To get better control in long range I have used SBrick(actually two if them).


The overall size is 50x30x21 studs (~40x24x17cm). The wheels used the from the Unimog set.

To do it as fast as possible I have built it very simple and light, it only has 698 parts, and the weight is only 1.3 kgs.


It is powered by 4XL motors, 2 for each axle with 1:3 final gear ratio. With so many motors it needs to use 2 batteries and 2 SBricks.

The max speed is around 8kph (5 mph).


I have used a special configuration for the motors to get the best possible preformance.

So the transmission is very simple and it only has 4 gears... and nothing more. Simple and effective.


The suspension configuration is a double wishbone in both axles.

It is every soft and with long travel, essential to go fast on bad terrain.


The steering are controlled by a PF Servo motor and working steering wheel


Available Free LDD Instructions, to download it go to my swebsote HERE

Finally a video in action:


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Always a pleasure to see your work! Looks very robust and usable.

I suppose after the twin rotor, a 4 gear model is a relief :)

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This looks like a good candidate foe me to build with the 2 SBricks I am about to order - but how do you change the gears? Do you have to stop the buggy and select them manually or is it automatically done via SBrick?

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It has only one speed and uses only 4 gears for the entire transmission.

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