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Rebels: The Ghost & Phantom [75053 Redesign]

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share something I was working on yesterday.

I really like The Ghost from Star Wars:Rebels and I picked up 75053 on May 4th, but after building it, I realised what a sub par model it actually was.

It was fragile, rattled like crazy... and combined with official model of the Phantom, just looked dreadful.

But of course, one of the core parts of Lego is changing what you don't like, and I quickly got around to redesigning parts of the set.

I have seen a good MOC on here, to make a better scale Ghost for minifigs, but that wasn't my aim here. I liked the scale, I just didn't like the aesthetic.

The Phantom had to go.

My main goal was to scrap the Phantom, and rebuild a smaller scale one to improve the outline of the ship. The Ghost actually has very clean lines, and that was something I wanted to improve on.

My other objective was to scrap the turret play feature, and improve the general robustness of the model.

This is what the TLG version looks like for those not familiar.

This is the Ghost for those who do not watch Star Wars:Rebels













I improved the plate stability by building underneath them.

I wanted to keep some play features in so The Phantom got a removable roof to keep weapons inside.

It sits snugly in the back of the Ghost and can be docked front and back like it does in the TV series. The wings fold out into fight mode, and the front gun turrets fold for better docking with the Ghost.

Majority of the Ghost looks the same, and that's because it is. But I tweaked parts, and re built the top nd rear portions of the hip to better accommodate the smaller scaled Phantom.

Thanks for looking.

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I really like what you have done here, if I ever had this set this is just what I would have done, this is sort of what I do to all my sets (that are not dismantled for pieces): make them sturdier, close the gaps, correct the color flow and disable silly, pointless and anti aesthetic play features, good job :thumbup: .

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Interesting! Your decision to make the Phantom accurate to the Ghost is opposite to what I've seen a lot of other people do, that is, make the Ghost accurate to the Phantom. Good job!

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