David FNJ

[M - C10] MANTIS Mini Tank (MMT)

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Location: C10 Marden

Tags: Land Vehicle, Military, Exploration


Double D's log 17:

It's another week on Marden, but this time I get to test out a new kind of remote-controlled weapons system. I get to drive a sweet tank around in the snow and blow up things (mostly snow). The tank is part of a new lineup that MANTIS is doing - MANTIS Mini Tanks (MMT). Apparently you can control many of these tanks at once. What's also neat is that there are cameras on each tank can be seen on the controller's screen. I can definitely see these being very useful should MANTIS need a bunch of heavy-duty inexpensive tanks that pack a punch! This tank in particular comes equipped with a snow plow just in case. I wonder what other accessories it can have...


~ DD out


I like how compact the tank is, and I'm really pleased with the treads marks.

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Excellent job with both the footprints and the tracks, I also really like the smooth landscape! :thumbup:

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Nice Build!

The thread tracks and footprints just make it for me!

The tank is very neat as well, compact and definitely has that drone or ROV feel to it!

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