Blackhawk STX

[K-A06] Secret Strike

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Location: A06 Guinevere

Tags: Kawashita, Guinevere, Aircraft, Military

Somewhere on Guinevere flying nap-of-earth…


Character%20Commander%20Turtle%201_zpsgi3txlpd.jpg Commander Turtle: Ghost Writer, this is Ed I Tor. Come in.

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpg Blackhawk: Copy, Ed. Go ahead. Hey! That rhymed! How cool is that?

Character%20Commander%20Turtle%201_zpsgi3txlpd.jpg Commander Turtle: I just want to make sure you understand your mission. MANTIS has set up DESPTRA (DEep SPace TRacking Arrays) on Guinevere to detect any hostile forces closing in on the planet. However, we found a weak link in their network. Hit the array at the coordinates we gave you to blow a huge hole in their coverage and allow our follow-on forces to get through undetected. You got all that?

Character%20Blackhawk%20annoyed_zps05pxmtof.jpg Blackhawk: Yes, Sir, Commander. But why do I have to fly so low? I’m nearly snorting sod here…

Character%20Commander%20Turtle%201_zpsgi3txlpd.jpg Commander Turtle: Stop whining! You need to scrape the deck so you won’t be spotted. Consider this as another chance to show off your “impressive” flying skills.

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpg Blackhawk: Roger that, Sir. Stand by.


Character%20Blackhawk%20grin_zps6b5dzx57.jpgBlackhawk: Target coming up, and going down!


Character%20Blackhawk%20grin_zps6b5dzx57.jpgBlackhawk: BOOM! Got it! Take that, Bugs!


Character%20Blackhawk%20sneer_zps9et5hu8l.jpg Blackhawk: Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about!

The Avenger...






The continuing adventures of Blackhawk... C & C's welcome!

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