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Over the years I have taken my time to diligently archive many of the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets ever released.

I have also made 2 videos: one outlining the history of Halloween sets released by TLC and another counting down the top 10 creepiest, spookiest, scariest, sets. Both videos come with bonus content.

I understand the Halloween history one speeds too fast. If it gains traction I'll upload a slower version.

You may access these cool videos and sites through the links found in my signature below. Please enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!

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LEGO Halloween History - A Spooky Tour -

Nicely produced video except that the images of the sets aren't on screen long enough: they appear then blink out almost immediately. As a result, it's not easy to see them all.

I wouldn't include the Castle sets from the 1990s that you do even when they contain a ghost or skeleton. Despite ghosts and skeletons being creatures from the horror genre, they're used in the Castle line as fantasy creatures, i.e. ones for the good guys to defeat.

Also, I think you missed some sets that should be in there. I'm not 100% sure they were omitted though because you see each set so briefly, but the ones that possibly should be added are:

  • 40032 Witch
  • 850487 Halloween Accessory Set (I have that one :classic: )
  • 40090 Hllwn Bat Set
  • 850936 Hllwn Set (I have that one but haven't opened it yet :classic: )
  • FR561410-1 Hllwn Shop
  • 40122-1 Trick or Treat Hallwn Set

Hope that helps :wink:

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New Video here...

I took some of your advice and slowed down the video like I meant to. I also fixed a few things to make them go smoother.

I removed the Bonus and added another.

This video covers only the major important points of Halloween history with LEGO so most of those sets don't belong here since they're not milestones.

I will make more videos in the future that shows EVERY HALLOWEEN & MONSTER SET Lego has made. It is long overdue.

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New Video here...

Nice video kelceycoe

It seems you really like Monsters :grin:

My contribution: You forgot 2 monsters: CMF S9 Mr Good and Evil and CMF S12 Spooky Girl

Those were first introduced in their CMF series

Also, the Monster Figthers theme introduced the first Vampire Lady and the first Zombie Woman (along with the first Swamp Creature)

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Thanks everyone. Like I said I do plan to make at least 2 more monster videos detailing ALL the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets and other stuff ever made so that will cover all the missing stuff. I want those to go more in depth as well. They will be more "fan-friendly" in terms of categorizing (Buckets, Keychains, Clocks/Watches, etc) and may not be done by Halloween.

For example, did you know there was a Halloween writing pen back when TLC distributed pens? These were designed through an outsourced company.

The Studios monster video had 2 versions - a kid-friendly version and an uncut, not-so-kid-friendly spookier version?

There were 2 Halloween buckets.

There have been quite a few keychains, though only representing a ghost, two vampires, and a monster, for example.

You'll learn more about all of this soon. Monsters & Halloween are so easy for me to collect and archive because there just isn't that much compared to Christmas or themes like Star Wars.

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It's around the corner... so I updated the links in my signature so please go check out the spookiest sets and even learn about LEGO's Halloween history (up until last year),

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