[O-G10] Infection Part 2- Murphy's Law

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Tags: Building, Spying, Science

If you have not already... Please read Part 1 before this build. Thanks! :classic:


21537253372_22b6f6761a_s.jpg What the heck happened here?!?



21537253372_22b6f6761a_s.jpg Maybe one of these computers still works...


21537253372_22b6f6761a_s.jpg Sweet! Let's see if there's any surviving surveillance footage...


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg Log date 759, this is Dr. Andrew Stanton. My research on scaling down the GATE drives is finally complete. Two top ranking Octan executives are arriving soon to witness the first test of my remarkable new technology. Wait, here they are now! This is Dr. Stanton signing off.


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg Welcome gentlemen! I assume your journey was pleasant?

20925688434_67e668babe_s.jpg Cut the pleasantries Stanton. We're here to see the GATE, not to socialize. We've invested a lot of time and money into your little project. It had better work.

21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg Very well. If you would just follow me down these steps...


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg The work we have done here is really quite remarkable. We have downscaled the GATE drive to a point where it can effectively teleport a single minifigure anywhere, anytime. No longer will massive cores powered by tens of thousands barrels of Awesomenium be able to transport an entire cruiser into a general sector. No, this, operating on a fraction of the resources required, can send a single subject anywhere. The possibilities are limitless! Send a Special Forces agent behind enemy lines undetected? Of course! Your scientists need a sample from a far-off planet? Instead of sending an entire team, just beam them over there!

21522237846_7e87df2fd3_s.jpg Yes, yes, that's great, but does it actually work?

21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg See for yourself. One of our top pilots, Mr. Quinn Anderson, will be making a jump up to one of our stations orbiting Onix. And that is only the beginning...


20925688134_83575bd35e_s.jpg Let's do this!


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg Capsule is locked in and ready.


21537253452_6d57fef27e_s.jpgFinal preparations are complete. We are go for launch in 10...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg 9... 8... 7...


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg My life's work is nearly complete... What could go wrong?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg 6... 5...


21537253452_6d57fef27e_s.jpg Sir? Something's wrong!


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg What? What is it?!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg 4... 3... 2...

21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg Abort! ABORT!

21537253452_6d57fef27e_s.jpg I can't! It's too far in the countdown!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg 1...


20925688134_83575bd35e_s.jpg ARGGG! What's going on! Shut it down!


21360410910_581db83148_s.jpg SHUT IT DOWN!

20925688434_67e668babe_s.jpg What have you done!?

*muffled explosion, screams, and sounds of crackling fire*


Recording ends.


21537253372_22b6f6761a_s.jpg Oh my... I have to get this back to HQ. Wait a second... I only saw one body! Where are... the rest of them?


21360410610_42da15b162_s.jpg You're not going anywhere...


Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my build! I had a lot of fun building the lab and then smashing it up for the second part. :devil: I think this is one of my stronger builds so far, both on the building side and the storytelling side! Comments and criticism are welcome. :classic:

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Woah! The ruined lab with all of the debris looks fantastic, and the story is is very good. What happens next week?! :wacko:

:thumbup: :thumbup:

Nice inclusion of the Octansoft assistant, by the way.

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Very nice lab, the smash-up is great and there are some neat details to look at too! :thumbup:

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OMG Is it wrong that i got chills while reading this? I can't wait for Part 3!!!! :wub::laugh::thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup::grin:

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