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[MOC] Hong Kong Tramways Fully RC with LED

This time for everyone Introducing my latest works - Hong Kong Tram Fully RC with LED Technic figure scale 1: 1

Recent I had found himself a little strange, always to build mining equirments or trucks, bus ... why I haven't to build local characteristics of the vehicle? So I PART 5 MOC flagship works as a Hong Kong Tram.

This tram will not only just look, there is also abundant within the machinery, it can automatically switch on and off the door, it can automatically rotate the route marked, also it can walk in the city / sysiem train path.

There are more exciting works and teaching:



















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so there are really few parts in dark Green, only The ones used in big bionicle set and some exoforce?

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Very nice. What did you use to color the LEGO? Did the trams ever had a lighter shade of green in their history?

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The trams are a bunch of different colors all on that same line. I've seen yellow, blue, red, green and others. It isn't like most transportation lines where the whole fleet is one color scheme.

I love that darker green, I think the sets that use it the most pieces of it are the current MINI Cooper and the last Creator biplane. It would be awesome to get Technic panels and beams in it!

Nice build, I recognized it instantly as the trams through Admiralty, Wan Chai and Central. (If I'm remembering my districts correctly)

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