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One year ago I presented a virtual version of submersible JAGO (see here). Now I am able to proudly present a real life brick built version of JAGO. And some new renders (Pov-Ray, based on LDraw) too.

For the brick built version I had to manipulate some original parts: Dome 4x4 #86500 and Round Plate 6x6 #11213 are not available in yellow. So I had to re-color these parts by using a color spray can.

JAGO is a submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. See homepage JAGO.

Hope you enjoy it.












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Hi Papacharly,

this is a wonderful brick built version of JAGO. I would appreciate it very much if you could get in touch with me - contact info via the member list.

Best regards,


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Hey Papacharly, 
i would love to build this model in real life too. Can you sand me the construction plan? 


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