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Location: C10 Marden

Tags: Land Vehicle


Double D's Log 16:

Well, the Kawashitan Commander got away because I didn't realize we were so close to a Kawashitan military base. I narrowly escaped on the X-P1 speeder. In fact, the entire last week was a close one as MANTIS barely got the upper hand. The good news though is that A08 was in MANTIS hands. I guess I'll have to find that commander some other time, though we did find out why Kawashita was trying to go through D04. Anyway, I am now on Marden - a cold, snowy, rocky planet.


It's just me and a prototype speeder that's supposed to be able to hover very close to the ground when needed and skip across the ice and snow. It even has a transformation function if I ever feel like going really fast...which is most of the time for me. Though while recording this log I'm in the default mode. My mission this week is pretty much cover as much ground as I can. MANTIS installed some M.A.P. device that basically draws a map on where I've been and does a rough scan for non-natural materials within 100 meters. Basically, I drive and it creates a map and locates things like Kawashita bases, drones, and the like. Since I can go so fast, even if Kawashita spots me, they won't be able to catch me (or track me). It is quite the fun ride.


Even though the speeder reaches high speeds, it is equipped with a auto-stabilizer system that keeps the driver balanced even if doing a steep banking turn. It's awesome!


I'm also supposed to be reading this domination for dummies book. I don't get how it is supposed to help me, because the first chapter is all about taking vacations, drinking milkshakes, and having supposedly reliable robots do all the work! How could any corporation gain an advantage by doing that! Perhaps driving around counts as a "vacation?" I guess I'll see.

~ DD out


I'm really pleased with how the speeder turned out! I think it's neat that it slightly resembles a dogsled in its second mode since it's designed for snow. It is fun to swoosh too!

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NPU! I also really like the subtle hints of color except it's too bad that dbg part in the middle isn't available in black, cool base too

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