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Hiccup and his best buddy, Toothless, from How to Train your Dragon 2, are high above the clouds in search of new adventures, as they map down the undiscovered "brick" world.

This is my 6th version build of Toothless so far.

Anyway, has it been almost four years since I've posted anything to this site? Jeez, that will have to change. I've made quite a lot since then, although I don't build much as I used to.






Since my work in the past has been popular, I took the time and effort to make instructions to Toothless, for those who are interested.

However, I've never made my instructions public before, so some parts could be hard to read.

The instructions link to Brickshelf and Imgur .

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Always love your dragons! This is (another) beautiful rendition of Toothless and the landscaping (cloudscaping?) elevate an already great bit of work. :thumbup:

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Wow, that's a fantastic creation :wub: . The dragons look amazing and the rockwork is excellent :thumbup:

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