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Lego Mini games from retired series

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Hi guys,

It's been a while!

As most of people here probably know, TLG tends to realease a mini game with each licensed series, and they are available to play trourgh their website.

Some of them are cool, some are not.

Sadly I've learned that one of the good ones - Lone Ranger - has been removed.

Damn! I really loved this one, particularly for it's great music!

So I guess, they throwed the thing away, simply because LR has been canceled.

Perhaps some legal issues with Disney forced them to do that as well.

So the question is, since some of You might have dealt with the same problem before... is it possible to still play it on line or download those old licensed mini games ( particularly Lone Ranger ) somewhere?

Or is it possible to find it's music anywhere?

I mean, I've been searching for days already and couldn't find anything except gameplay on Youtube.

I'm also aware that some of these mini games are available trough certain online gaming sites, but couldn't find this one anyway.

I'll be very happy if someone could help :sweet:

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