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Kodan Black

[O - H06] - Looking for Answers

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Location: H06 Farmolis

Tags: Science


With all of the unknown activities going on lately and the news of alien fleets suddenly appearing I knew that I needed to get to the bottom of my mystery. Who was putting out all these listening devices and why? Dr. Long trusts me and I have been letting her down.

I had a bunch of data but needed some serious computing power to try and make sense of it all. So I headed back to the Axle above Farmolis and took over one of the computing centers. Some of the other scientists were unhappy that I was utilizing the whole room for myself, but I told them I was doing vital research for Dr. Long. Whatever beer recipe or research on rocks or whatever they were doing would have to wait. I was attempting to solve an issue that could keep our corporation or possibly entire species safe!

I didn't need any of our oPads (Octan Personal Assistant Device) or oMacs (Octan Miniature Assistant Computer System), but ED-208 still insisted that he would guard them and keep anyone else from using them. I know he was trying to be helpful so I let him. I'm glad they installed the new reclining chairs with the multimonitor setup. We used to have to sit in regular chairs like some sort of primitive ape! These new seats are much more comfortable.

ED-208 again suggested that we should be researching weapons so that whoever is trying to spy on us will get what they deserve. I pointed out to him that we first needed to know what we were up against before we worried about a solution. But he is right that once we figure out the who, I'll need to have a suggested course of action for Dr. Long. I know the safety of all her employees weighs heavily on her mind.




If we could even figure out a main planet that these devices originated from I could send some drones to scout it out. And if ED-208 and I could eliminate the threat I'm sure Dr. Long would be very grateful. I bet she would hold a special dinner in my honor and I'd get to sit right next to her!

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one of your best builds so far, the only thing that stands out to me is the anti-studs on the chair and monitors, but otherwise it is very clean and well shot

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