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[O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy

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Location: Freegate - G02

Tags: Civil, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration

While dropping supplies to mining startups on G02, Pilot John Hannibal noticed a strange circular formation on a glacier. Because Cantillon was already headed for the surface with

OS-461, Hannibal decided to tag along with the Mercy Brandy's current land speeder to investigate the anomaly.


There certainly appeared to be a man-made structure carved out of the ice and Hannibal circled around to get a closer look. When he did, he was "greeted" by some green-faced man, yelling in a foreign tongue orders Hannibal generally understood. Both stayed still, the green man with some sort of pike and Hannibal with a revolver he was not sure if the native had noticed.


As the moment tensed, Hannibal caught the shadow of a ship coming overhead. Cantillon should not have the 461 in this sector. Hannibal risked angering the native to radio the Octan pilot. He didn't want to see the native killed, over such a simple misunderstanding.

Cantillon - "Hannibal, I'm not in that sector but I'm on my way. Keep your comm open, the Mercy Brandy is coming in overhead."

Hannibal stomach sinks. The mysterious ship drops in. The native doesn't move; eyes locked on Hannibal; pike back and ready to fly.


A door on the far side of the ship opens and the pilot barks something at the native that releases his stance. He appears to be human, but the markings on his ship are neither Kawashita nor M.A.N.T.I.S. The pilot approaches. Hannibal remains silent, keeping the native within his field of vision.


Callahan (the pilot) - "I've called off my man. Please call off your own. They will be overhead soon and I mean you no harm."

Hannibal - "OS-461, Mercy Brandy, standby, but keep the airspace clear."

Callahan - "Thank you. My name is Bridge Callahan. I represent the shareholders of the Merchant Confederacy. Who might you be?"


To be continued...

The speeder and foliage was used in my Cat. B build, but I figured it wasn't scored so I could reuse it here. C&C greatly appreciated.

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The fighter looks great. It is cool how you tied the story into your challenge builds. Is Callahan the guy from your cat C build?

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Excellent build goatman! That foliage and landscape is really awesome, and the speeder and Merchant Confederacy ship are great as well! Can't wait to see more of your story!

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I love how the colors pop here, the black background was a good choice. The ship is great, though I'm not sold on the giant arm.

Mr. Hannibal gets major badass points for bringing a revolver to a ray gun fight! :laugh:

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