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[MOD] 70701 Swarm Interceptor

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Hi all, this is the first time I am posting one of my MOD/MOCs here on Eurobricks; I've been a long time lurker but I am quite happy with how this one has turned out and decided to share it with you.

I managed to score a 70701 Swarm Interceptor at the end of its run. I always liked the look of this set, and upon building it was extremely impressed, however I still thought it could have been better. Obviously, the only thing for it was to have a go myself.

The areas I felt needed improvement all related to the play features, i.e. the rotating cockpit, swivel wings. I felt it would be a hell of a lot more swooshable if it just had more stability. The hidden flick fire missiles were not too bad (as far as flick fire missiles go) but they left the back looking unfinished. I also decided to give the ship some bigger ordinance whilst I was at it.

Therefore, without further ado here is my modified swarm interceptor:

20549928104_b8bb560c0e_c.jpgP1070193 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

20984483670_18a7c22850_c.jpgP1070192 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

20985783309_88c2efe442_c.jpgP1070191 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

The Technic shooters pack a punch, more so than any flick fire would, and the triggers fit comfortably where you would naturally rest your hand.

For comparison, here is the interceptor next to an unmodified 70701.

20551518853_db9b430fd6_c.jpgP1070182 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

20985815479_e96c68c05d_c.jpgP1070183 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

21180454151_e8f961256a_c.jpgP1070184 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

20551500663_5b840954cd_c.jpgP1070185 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

21180441701_74069bb2c6_c.jpgP1070187 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

The Blacktron guys look impressed. “Does it come in black and trans-yellow?”

20549946444_ee3b11cf83_c.jpgP1070190 by Slazer Lego, on Flickr

My next job will be to do a colour swap on my second ship. I might try to play around with the cockpit to add in a control stick for the pilot. In addition, I am not a big fan of the galaxy squad bucket helmets so may look for a replacement for the pilot.

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