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[SoNE Freebuild 18] The Escape

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How long had it been? Days, weeks, months; I couldn’t tell. All I knew was the pain from loosing my brother and the pain from being tortured by the Empire. I wasn’t the only one being mistreated by the Empire either, I passed many other poor beings on my way to and from the torture room. They looked as bad off as I was. I began to understand how the Rebel Alliance had started. I joined them because it seemed like the politically right thing to do. I had been tired of the corrupt bureaucrats on Correillia and wanted a way to react. I realized now that most beings within the Rebel Alliance were there because it was the morally right thing to do. When the government takes away your freedoms and treats you as being worth less than those in office, then it is time to stand up to that government.

I was in the middle of these thoughts when a voice called to me through the wall of the cell next to mine. “You are the quietest prisoner I’ve ever met. Every time I’m in here I make such a ruckus singing off key pop Bith tunes that they end of releasing me early just so they can have some peace and quiet.”

I knew that voice! “Kale?” I asked tentatively. I heard a noises like snap, and hiss and saw an orange glow along the edges of the wall. The wall fell back and Kale pushed it up into his doorway. “In the flesh!”


I started sputtering, “Kale… You’re a Jedi!?... Why didn’t you tell me? How did you get here?”

“Whoah! Hold on there,” started Kale, “I’m not a Jedi. I just happen to have a lightsaber. I couldn’t use it in a fight to save my life. The rest can wait, we need to get out of here!”

An hour later, and many more holes, we were on the streets of Fondor City running for our lives.


“Quick, I parked the speeder bike over here!” shouted Kale.

We ran up just as one of the Fondorian law enforcers was about to put a parking ticket on the bike.


“Sorry sir, no time to waste, have a good day, thank you!” I said to him in a rush as Kale started the bike.


We heard shouts from across the bridge and saw that the Imperials had found us. I jumped in the back of the bike and we sped off into the distance.


“We have to get off the planet” said Kale. “It’s not safe for either of us now.”

“But I still have to track down those Mandalorians!” I replied.

“Don’t worry, we’ll come back” answered Kale. “I know a guy on Kuat who can help us. But right now the Rebel Alliance needs your help with the Black Sun and we need to get off Fondor. Seemed like a convenient excuse to me.”

I had many more questions, but I knew he was right.

OoC: Please note that the first two pictures are not meant to be judged as part of this freebuild.

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Great new freebuild! Love the story, and how you move from one part of the build to another with the pictures and the text. Also, great job on the bridges and speeder! They look awesome!


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The angling on the bridge and overall street scene is really well done. Great speeder bike, the saddle bags are very reminiscent of WWII Harleys.

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I really like that speeder!! Also good job on that bridge!

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