[MOC] ’32 Ford Roadster: Classic Choice

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today I show you my latest MOC: The Roadster.

My ’32 Ford roadster is probably one of the most classic and iconic “old school” Hot Rod around.

Recently people has discovered again the old school Hot Rods with their smooth design, classic colors and without frills.

Original and vintage Hot Rods are considered today as a treasure to conserve and preserve indeed they are sought after and very expensive.

I'm fascinated by classic Rods and for this I built this Ford ’32 Roadster with the body of a Ford Model B, released by the American manufacturer from 1932 to 1934, painted in total black.

The Roadster fits the V8 flathead with three carburettors and wheels are "oversized" respect to the original ones that were narrower (I didn’t find LEGO wheels that fitted well, at least to me).

I used few chromed parts that I think look great on the car. I especially like the big rims with the chromed dish 4 x 4 inverted (Radar).

The engine is made of light grey bricks with a touch of chrome.

I like to imagine this Roadster racing at Bonneville Speedway in the fifties. Racing number: 74, of course!

Below few pictures


The Roadster in my garage, the engine has been overhauled and ready to be placed into the car


The back: refined and graceful.


The racing number on the doors


The Roadster has been blogged by:

The Brothers Brick

The Lego Car Blog

More pictures and details on flickr

Thanks for your attention.

All the best and happy building!

Norton74 - Andrea Lattanzio

Norton74 @ Facebook

Norton74 @ LEGO IDEAS

Edited by Norton74

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Hi Andrea,

I saw your hot rod already om TLCB... Great work AGAIN :)

I love your MOC and your workshop :)

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Simple, but very effective - perfect result.

That number really gives a life to the car! Awesome!

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That looks AWESOME! I really love the cool simple lines, what I would want to see on a period hotrod.

Less is more... :wink: thanks for your comment!

la macchina è figa, però il garage è qualcosa di epico :D


Grazie, mi fa molto piacere ricevere commenti in italiano.

Sei sul forum di Itlug?

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