Star Wars sets that need to be made!

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Hey guys, I'm making a petition for Lego to create these sets, and I need your help! Below, list some of your own, and I might add them to the petition. State your name and why you'd like these sets made, and others you might like.These sets probably won't be made if we don't get enough people to petition it, but a Star Wars minifig series would be an awesome way to get figures that haven't even been made yet. Below, are a list of figures that haven't been made yet, or should just still be in the packs, as well. Leave down your favorites below!

Ph. 2 Commander Cody

Magna Guard

Newer Clone Wars version of Anakin

Newer Clone Wars version of Obi Wan

Newer Clone Wars version of Ahsoka

Hando Ohnaka


Commander Wolffe

Ph. 2 Commander Fox

Mace Windu


Shaak Ti

Obi Wan- Mandalorian disguise

Mas Amedda

These sets would also include new blaster, and weapons!

Felucia battle​ pack- Commander Bly, 3 star corps troopers. (Can be a mic of maybe scouts, regular troopers or airborne, so we could get a good mix)

Order 66- Includes three 501st troopers, and 1 Jedi. (Minor details might include an emperor palpatine hologram, and maybe some coruscant looking environmental details.)

A new utapau set with greivous and obi wan that includes the Varactyl and maybe Commander Cody.

The High Council Jedi Conference room- Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto and Agen Kolar along with chairs, and holographic images of each of them.

Seige on Mygeto- Ki- Adi- Mundi, Galactic marine, Commander Bacara, 2x Super Battle Droids. This set will include an tri-droid along with a Spider Droid and a speeder.

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