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HMS Archangel - bluecoat flagship - 70413 MOD

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Bluecoat Ship ahoy!

In response to the increased threat from pirates and redcoats alike, the ship builders of the home country of Bluecoat forces ordered a ship to match, or beat, the pirates feared Brick Bounty.

This ship turned out to be the HMS Arcangel, which features six guns, three masts, a lifeboat, and opening captain's quarters with hideaway for valuable maps, charts and medical supplies.


pirates-indexed.gif Fully Rigged, Two Square Sails on the Main 12B

Okay, so the ship took a while to do: I wanted to take set 70413 Brick Bounty and make a non-pirate ship from it, and it took a month to do so. Also, the sails are Technic panels, so if you don't like that, you are out of luck.


here is the Captain's quarters, with hideaway for secret maps, medical supplies, or just "sparking water' (read: alcohol) you don't want to share with anyone.


This piece should go on the stern flag pole: http://alpha.brickli...25pb007#T=C&C=1

LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1440615456m.lxf

My updated version of the Black Pearl shall be coming soon to it's own topic!

EDIT: And here it is! http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114068

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Nice mod, I wonder how the brick-built sails would work out in non-LDD.

Thank you. I based the sails on the Metalbeard's Seacow set, so they *should* work fine.

She looks beautiful. But arn't the sails too heavy? And where is the crew?

Thank you. I haven't tested the sails, but they probably will work. Then again, I've never really seen this technique done before except for the Seacow set # 70810.

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This is a pretty good design overall, but considering the low sides I wonder if a cabin flush with the decks might look better. But it's your vessel, and I assume you're trying to replicate the basic look of the standard ship sets. The bluecoats sure need it!

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