[Challenge 2][Cat B] Hummer - KG8

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:: Kawashita Group Hummer KG8 ::

- troop dropship -


The Hummer is a troop dropship which can carry 8 soldiers in four detachable cabins,

which makes it easy to scatter scouts around a small area of interest. In the main hull

the Hummer can store rations, ammo and two smaller or one large ground vehicle.

If necessary the vehicles can be exchanged for an additional 20 seats suitable for troops.


The cockpit seats only two pilots, but with the two hull crew and an engineer included that

makes a total of five standard crew members and one squadron of troops. Four Hummers

are assigned to every Collision colonization ship of which Narbilu commands one of.



The Hummer is capable of GATE jumping, but docked to the Collision it moves around far

more efficient. But when the Hummer is undocked it glides through space and atmosphere with

such grace it can outmanoeuvre most smaller fighters. The thrust engine can drop the Hummer

to ground level within seconds when the Collision enters close orbit of any planet.


inside cockpit


troop cabin


side engine

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Talk about powerful and well defended! Great shape and feel on this ship, Narbilu, I wouldn't want to run across it as an enemy! :grin::wink:

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great shape, color scheme, and practical design. What I really like is how this looks like it belongs side-by-side with mccoyed's Starjacker. I don't fully understand what the middle section does and the engines could be a bit sexier, but this is such a cool looking ship.

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Really cool ship! I love the back section, the details are very well done. It seems a bit flat on the bottom considering the shape of the rest, but the overall look is fantastic!

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