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Caterpillar 973 track loaders - Lego 42043 buddy

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1XL Motor

3M Motor

2IR Receiver

1 3A Battery



Piecesaround 1,100

Hello everyone, Let me introduce my new MOC Caterpillar 973D Track Loader, It's a buddy or working partner for Lego 42043, I don't like 42043 arm, so I get a idea to do a machine for more easy to collect 1x1 bricks. It has 1 XL motor, and 3 M motor,

I have more Interesting own creation, Please visit my fans page:








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It looks quite good, but seems somewhat "unfinished" compared to your other MOCs.. Like the highly visible IR Receivers and the blue 3L friction pins sticking out..

Most tracked loaders will look like the 8043 B-model, the same way most wheeled loaders will undoubtedly look like previous Lego wheel loaders, as they are the same thing.. I for one see very little resemblance with 8043-B except the fact they are both the same thing :classic:

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