Emmet's Apartment Building Made of LEGO

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Good morning Eurobricks! I usually live in the brickfilm side of the forums (so forgive any lapses in etiquette) but I wanted to share my recreation of Emmet's apartment buidling from The LEGO Movie. What started out as a set for a brickfilm grew to become a full recreation of Emmet's apartment building.



Emmet's Apartment Building by Seaotter71, on Flickr

Screengrabs of The LEGO movie got me going, but it wasn't until my son got the video game that I could really reverse engineer it. The top floor, true to the movie, borrowed heavily from the City Hall modular. Edgeofpanic, who had independetnly submitted this to LEGO Ideas had an LDD file that helped with the roof. The signs are a custom print job by Promotec and ties the whole thing together.

This thing is a beast. I thought it was going to be comparable to the height of the other modulars and then realized I had missed a floor. Back to bricklink I went.

Enjoy. I have started the inside and will be fleshing it out over the next few weeks. Spoiler: The inside doesn't really fit inside the building.

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This is AWESOME!

Are there instructions or a parts list for it available at all?

I didn't create it in LDD or have a parts list, but EdgeofPanic over at LEGO Ideas has released his LDD file for this. We created this independently, but he shared his file with me when I got stuck on the roof. He's released the LDD file for the apartment building in the updates section for his project. Please support his project if you download the file.

Did you build an interior for it? This looks cool.

I have a rough build of the interior, but I need to flesh out the details and do some modfications, since if built exactly like the movie, it won't fit inside the building. I'll upload some pics once I build it out hopefully in the next couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, Edgeofpanic has a LEGO Ideas project for the interior (for the buidling as well) and he's detailed his process including LDD files. Please consider supporting it

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very nicely done. Are you going to make other buildings from the movie as well now? 

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