Pictures Wanted to Help the Development of Mecabricks

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Greetings foolish humans! Hello!,

Mecabricks is an online building tool for Lego Models. Because this tool uses its own part library all the parts must be modeled and decorations have to be traced in vector graphics. I'm contributing decorations from Lego's space themes, but for some parts it's hard to find usable pictures to trace. This is were I need help.

My current needs are below, but more will assuredly come up in the future. The pictures need to be level,and looking straight at the decorated area.

Current Needs

Blacktron 2 Safe Door.


Ice planet Snowplow.


Female Insectoids Head


Thanks in advance!

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I think I have both if those pieces in relatively good shape. I can get you a picture of both tomorrow with the morning light. I don't know if it's still visible, but a kid "modified" one of my unitron helmets, so I'll see if I have one without the sharpie on the bottom. :blush:

Of course if someone has pictures already that takes precident. :classic:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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My Spyrius and Unitron shelves are currently in disarray since I decided to re-do them recently. About half of my minifigs for both themes are packed away, but I did find a relatively minty Unitron helmet handy. I'm guessing my best Spyrius figs are missing in action.

I did get this okay picture of a Unitron helmet. I did notice that the gray printing is off on the helmet I grabbed. You can see where its supposed to fill up that hose design on the picture you supplied.

I don't have a great photo setup, I mostly just use it for eBay pictures. Maybe this could at least get you started while someone with an actually good setup gets photos?

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I might also use the unitron helmet picture to create the part in ldraw.

Thanks for sharing it here.

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I am currently working on some wall art (which I will post when it is done) which consists of 2 of every space minifig (including all droids) from year 2000 back to the beginning. Please feel free to send me a message or post here if you are looking for any minifig related pics. I am about 2 weeks away from having all of them.

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