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This is half a new post. You may discover that I have finished Anna more than a month ago and have she posted then. Now, here comes Elsa and my set finishes as a duo.

My work is not perfect but I have put great effort. There are many technical difficulties.

Their braids are one thing, and thus special care is given to Anna's cloak.

For Elsa, her dress is difficult. Basically there are three layers -- white/medium azure, trans-light blue, trans-clear.

Another point which worths mentioning is that they are very costly. Rare colours used for Anna; and about 3000 parts for Elsa (more than 1500 of which are the trans-medium blue/ trans-clear plates)









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Not a big fan of Frozen, but these are amazing!

Do you want to build a snowman next? :wink:

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Amazing for sure. These are beautifully done. I love the details you were able to include. My daughter loves Frozen (like most little girls) so I won't show her this, otherwise she'll ask me to build them!!

Keep up the great work. Any other princesses planned?

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They are amazing but.... Legs!! Where are legs?!? ;)

Good question....

Actually not a big problem for Anna to have legs, but yes for Elsa. Her dress is bigger and bigger down to the bottom and that may require another 3000-4000 trans-clear plates.

Plates are cheap. No problem for that but you may not know how bad is the living condition in Hong Kong. I am lucky to have a relatively bigger apartment... but still no room for a MOC with dimensions 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.2 meter.

This is a very common headache for Hong Kong AFOL..... LOL

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