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[M-D04] Searching For Biomass

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Location: D04 Terrial Minor

Tags: MANTIS, Exploration, Ground Vehicle, spaceship interior

SpaceSteve has been searching the barren surface of Terrial Minor for sources of water to be used for new MANTIS agricultural operations.

- 20804715195_2796ac9b37_c.jpg

Eventually after a couple weeks of searching. He comes across a small oasis. It is teeming with life forms and plant life. He scans the oasis and sets the beacon for future MANTIS development.

- 20183738443_3fcb47160e_c.jpg

- 20778411556_155150d560_c.jpg

- 20616724480_abba807761_c.jpg

Suddenly he get a call from the Sythe in orbit.

KosmicKevan- Steve you had better get back up here we are heading through the gate ahead of schedule. We have been summoned by a very important individual in the **Classified** system. I have sent a dropship to your location.


Back on the Scythe KosmicKevan informs SpacerSteve about what he knows about the meeting.


SpacerSteve- Well this will should be interesting...

KosmicKevan- He says he knows the location of **Classifed** we haven't seen him since we left Spyrius.

KosmicKevan leaves and SpacerSteve watches Terrial Minor quickly disappear in the distance.

- 20182096814_441ded0e56_c.jpg

Some more shots of the hovercraft

- 20616710650_9499c15e19_c.jpg

- 20616670830_8c04704240_c.jpg

- 20804689495_5260a257fb_c.jpg

Thanks for looking C&C welcome. I'm not satisfied with the rocks on the base. I also reused my Cat C build this week. I just had to use it once more before I tear it apart for parts for my Cat B.

Edited by SpacerSteve

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Sweet little ( :look: not really so little! :laugh:) hovercraft SpacerSteve, great shaping, and I really like the angled cockpit on top! :thumbup: The planet out the window of the interior is an awesome detail as well!

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I love the look of the hovercraft! The skirting is well done. Reminds me of the Savannah Master from Battletech. Feels small-ish but rugged.

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