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Hospital in Lego City

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HI Tommi,

Your hospital features quite a few nice details. However I feel it could be improved upon (and thereby improving your chances of gaining more support). Some tips:

Stick to a more uniform colour palette on the interior

Have a look at official Ambulance sets and see if you can improve yours

I find the antenna on the roof quite large. Perhaps a smaller one will suffice?

Best of luck!

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hi tommi,

your modular style hospital is great, features a lot of nice details etc. But the garage and the Abulance itself look very simple and plain compared to the rest (the style just dont fit together). I would make the ambulance 6 wide (its a big vehicle afterall like a fire truck), so you can add realistic back doors and interiour. i would also use the 4x6 hood plates for the roof then. Concerning the garage, i would leave it and do a second entrance on ground level intstead where they can wheel the patients in. apart from that, good luck. with some minor changes i would definately support it;)

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