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[pre-SHIPtember] Siege Cruiser

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[Thought I'd post my previous SHIPtember effort; I didn't play last year but plan to give this beast something to compete with]


The Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser


The Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser is the top-of-the-line warship of the Asian Coalition, packed with modern technologies and deadly firepower.

The Coalition Navy was ill-prepared for the Pan-Eurasian War; it comprised vessels more suited to customs and excise duties than warfare. This meant the Coalition spent the majority of the conflict fighting their Union adversaries with hit and run tactics and were forced to avoid protracted engagements. Several Coalition locations were kept under unbreakable siege, leading to starvation and misery for thousands of their soldiers and civilians.

Much like the EUN, the Coalition Navy embarked upon an ambitious programme of reform and modernisation following the War. The Yaguchi is the pinnacle of that development, a ship built as a symbol as to how the Coalition would never again suffer such tactics of siege and blockade.


The ship is well-armed for ship-to-ship warfare, featuring an array of turreted weaponry able to damage shields and armour alike. The cornerstone of its armament is the Starscorn Siege Cannon, mounted on the lower aspect of the prow. This mammoth weapon is able to fire metal alloy slugs at astounding speeds over huge distances. This gives the Yaguchi the ability to prey on an enemy blockade without straying into their firing range.

Although highly capable and well armoured against opposing capital ships, the Yaguchi is tempting target for formations of bomb-armed fightercraft and should be closely guarded against them. It is slow to accelerate and manouvre, meaning its main cannon can be easily avoided by a mobile force of opponents.


Length: 404m

Crew: 200, including marines

Role: Siege, ship-to-ship, battleship escort.


2 x Dual STS Cannons

2 x Armour-Piercing Plasma Cannons

2 x ‘Longshot’ Frag Cannons.

2 x AA-Ion turrets

1 x ‘Starscorn’ Siege Cannon

Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium

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