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Teensietown (Microscale Modular Town)

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Teensietown is a modular LEGO microscale city based on the "Micropolis" standard published by TwinLUG but with some slight amendments that suit us there and then better.

It is a growing thing, and most impressive when exhibited.



Anyone who cares to look more closely can find an old LEGOLAND-Set, as well as a model of the televisiontower of Prague. Everything else was built from inspiration and imagination.

Here you can find a lot of the buildings extracted from the whole thing as well as info on the co-builders:

Sherv, a fellow of my local LUG, has ignited the whole idea, I am responsible especially for the waterway management, and more recently railroads and highway.

The easy thing with the project is for me, that one can build with the parts that one has and doesn't have to buy too much bricks to make it look good.

Thanks to the modular system, the city looks different everytime it gets exposed.

Some more pics can be found now and then at our LUG's forum (german) here:

Hope ya like it!

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