[MOC] tankcar with instruction

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Hi guys and girls.

Today I will show you a wagon I built a few months ago. The first version I built in july 2012 and the first short version of it nearly one year later.


In the beginning all my tankcars were used by z-oil (zentral oil), a virtual competitor of octan oil, because the only possible color of the wagons was dark purple. (the white cylinder panel was very expensive, but I could bought some cheap zurg-sets).

But I hoped that lego give us these panels in dark or light bluish gray. In march 2015 was the time for this part. I found it in set 76038 and ordered 36 of these cylinders in the united states. So I finally could build some gray tankcars:


The gray version drives for a lot of different companys, like "x2" or for a the greek company "oλ" (called o'kronlambda) (filled with compressed air :) )

Now I made a building instruction for this tankcar. I'm sorry, that the text is in german, but you only need the pictures to rebuild it. Here you can find the instruction.



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Good looking design - could happily have 10 or so of these behind a loco on my layout :) Grey one looks particularly good to me!

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very nice! imagine a rake of around 50 of those wagons behind a few locomotives, wonderful!

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