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And the title and prize of the best airjitz-

Cyclondo, you mean!

Jay, will you cut that out already! As I was saying, the title and prize for the best airjitzu-er goes to...


Kapau, shh! Goes to Zane! Mostly because I don't have nearly this many trans pieces in any other color, haha!


Built for LEGO's Airjitzu Trophy contest. Here it is the pic I used to actually enter the contest, as I figured it would have a better chance than one with a nice and clean background! :laugh::grin:20516813969_4e77040b33_z.jpg

Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!

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Ooh, awesome!

Thanks GG!

Oh this looks awesome, the little text to accompany it is brilliant :laugh::thumbup:

Ha, ha, thanks Exetrius, glad you liked it! :wink::laugh:

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