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Swamp Trooper

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Well, I wanted to make a swamp trooper, and I must say, this is probably the best sculpey helm that i've done. He comes along with a custom torso sticker, aswell.

Here are the pics that I just took:


here is him in the jedi council meeting. Don't ask why Chewbacca and The Death star gaurd are in the same room, i don't really know.


Here is the troop without his helmet (the helm is beside him)


...and here is the back. Notice the "Battle-slashes" on his helm. I did that with one of those super fine artline markers. I always use those ones for my sculpey work. It turns out very well, and doesn't "spread".

I have others, but they all look the same, and thier helmets are in the "edit-bay", were they go in there to get edited and modifyed.


oh, also, you might wanna check it out here:

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thanx, I put heaps of time into it, getting the proportion right and all.

Oh, and also, i wanted to buy some snowtrooper helmets from bricklink, but i couldn't (cause i ran out of cash :P :$ ) and so i am making some helmets for myself! :P :P :P -(i love that smiley)

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