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Blackhawk STX

[Challenge 2] [Cat C] Masamune Hanger Bay 7

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Location: Somewhere in Kawashita space...

Tags: Challenge 2 Category C, Kawashita, Spaceship Interior, Military

Meanwhile, in the Masamune hanger bay 7…


Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpgBlackhawk: All right, then. Looks like your Thunderbolt will be back in service soon, Shane. Once that’s done, we’ll be launching a strike on a forward base of the bug-eyed aliens. They chose the wrong biological entities to pick a fight with!

Character%20Greenhawk_zpszjeklhbq.jpgGreenhawk: Good! I’ve been hearing about these guys, and I’ve been itching to get a shot at them!


Character%20Grayhawk_zpsc32yoaxk.jpgGrayhawk: Looks like the techs are done. They’re about to move it to the launch bay.

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpgBlackhawk: Great. We should be ready to launch in about two hours.


Character%20Grayhawk_zpsc32yoaxk.jpgGrayhawk: So, you’ve fought these aliens before, right? Is there anything you can tell us that might help us out there?

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpgBlackhawk: Yeah. Watch their fighters. They’re really quick, and they slide into your six before you know it. Just assume that you have one tailing you at all times.

Character%20Greenhawk_zpszjeklhbq.jpgGreenhawk: Aw, they can’t be too bad! I’ll take them out with no problems, and add a few alien kills to my score.

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpgBlackhawk: Wait ‘till you see one of their Devourer ships in action! Those buggers will grab you, get through your shields and armor like they weren’t there, turn everything inside into hot plasma (including you), and suck it all out. Not a pretty sight…


Character%20Grayhawk_zpsc32yoaxk.jpgGrayhawk: By the way, what was up with those sudden crazy maneuvers you pulled in the last training flight?

Character%20Blackhawk_zpssparmkfx.jpgBlackhawk: Oh. Some idiot put a Lorestanian shock spider in my cockpit. The darn thing juiced me right in my side! Man, that hurt! My arm kept twitching for a good minute after that.

Character%20Greenhawk_zpszjeklhbq.jpgGreenhawk: Oh, really? Somebody (heh heh) did that? (Ahem).

Character%20Blackhawk%20sneer_zps9et5hu8l.jpgBlackhawk: You know, Shane? I’ll have to show you Kawashita’s dental plan, up close and personal. The bargain basement plan…




And here's my attempt... Not as great as some other builds in this challenge, naming no names, of course (like shmails), but I did what I could with what I have, and I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome. Hey, I managed to use my Thunderbolt again, so it can't be all bad!

C & C's welcome!

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Very nice, I love that floor, it is great. Nice to see a cozy place to park your cool ship! :wink:

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I like the red walls here, as well as the details in the back like the monitors and pressurised cannister.

Thanks! I actually had enough bricks to make the walls in (mostly) Kawashita colors, so I'm happy with that!

cool floor, the story sure took a strange turn at the end

Thank you! You have to understand, of course, that this is Blackhawk we're talking about here. Reality always seems to get somewhat warped around that guy...

Very nice, I love that floor, it is great. Nice to see a cozy place to park your cool ship! :wink:

Thanks! I would have preferred to have most of the floor in DBG tiles, but I ran out. Fortunately, I had enough tiles of other colors to finish it off. And yes, I'm glad to have the Thunderbolt in one more build! :laugh:

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Cool hangar!

Thank you!

Very nice hangar! I like the walls and the crates are a nice touch :thumbup:

Thanks! Yeah, I figured I needed a little something more to spice it up a bit...

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