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[Challenge 2][Cat C] Drone Control Room

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Location: Drone control room, MSS Titan outbound from Sorn

Tags: Challenge 2 Cat C Entry


Accompanying story follows:

Tannoy: "...all hands to combat stations, we are outbound to gravitational anomaly B06. Drone pilots set up a standard 1000km BARCAP until we reach the jump point."

..fffssshhht... (other sci-fi door sounds are available)


Moose: "Great another day patrolling the big black from the inside of my own head..."


Alvin: "Moose, quit your bitching and plug in. Smiler's already got his flight of interceptors on point, my fighters will be on parralle stations shortly and since your last here you can take the rearguard."

Moose: "Fine, fine, I'll cover your megablocks as usual."


Moose: "You ready for another look inside my head?"

Computer: "Uplink initialising"

Moose: "You always say the most romantic things..."


Computer: "Uplink ready, enter command seat and prepare for neural interface"

Moose: "Would it maybe kill you to say please...?"


Moose: "and now the painful bit"

Computer: "Establishing neural interface in 3...2...1..."

Moose: "unggghhh..."

6 hours of mind-bending direct neurological control over a wing of 4 viper class fighter drones later....

Tannoy: "...condition green, all flights back on board. All hands stand down from combat stations and prepare for GATE jump"


Moose: "I don't know about you guys, but after that I need a beer and a half pound larvae burrito!"

Alvin: "Count me in"

Smiler: "Grggh!"

This was about my third rebuild of my entry- it started out a a combat situation room, briefly became a ship's bridge and ended up as a control room for combat drones.

I really wanted to do something with lights- now if only I had enough for the various 'lights' surrounding the control stations.

I'm super happy with how the control chairs turned out and they swivel very neatly into the little niches. Smiler's chair and uplink is different from the others mostly due to lack of parts, but I figured his could be for a different class of drone, or an older less forgiving model the use of which has resulted in his happy demeanour.

Props to Big Sal for the MANTIS Standard Door FrameTM

Also this is the first time my sigfig has appeared without his spacesuit- it seems he dyes his hair (or beard)!

Edited by woofmcmoose

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Very cool. The lights are awesome. The control panels built in the sides of the windows are a neat touch. MANTIS loves our drones! Great job.

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Wow, there is a lot going on, but somehow it all works really well together. The pipes, the doorways, and all the little details are well done!

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