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The Shadow Builder [MOC]

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The Shadow Builder


Unknown to President Business a Super-Secret Project (Project NSOT) successfully created a Robotic Master Builder. The prototype escaped and began building his own stud-less army of drones. The Shadow builder now vies to control the city eliminating stickers and studded creations everywhere.

Known Armaments:

- Finger Blasters

- Eye Seeker Missiles

- Atomic Flux Over Load cannons (Hidden Inside Head)

The Shadow Builder is inspired by Movie Micro Managers I intended it look like the same technology, but refined with articulate hands, mostly symmetrical details, and nimble legs.

He is a perfectionist, so his creations are studless and almost the same (he's a good builder but not too imaginative)

He has a second pair hands for battling the resisitance.

Okay so the first spread is everything I built regarding The Shadow Builder:


Hidden Cannons


Rear and a better look at the NSOT here:


Eye Missiles firing simulated by transparent pieces:


Hands changed out and finger stud launchers firing simulated:


LDD Back


LDD Cross-section so you can have a look inside:


Originally he wasn't going to have arms, but after I created the arms, I knew he had to have legs... and then the tennis shoes came out of nowhere :)

Thanks for having a look... I'm kind of a lurker.

The LDD file: http://www.brickshel...dow_builder.lxf (IDK if it pulls up until the gallery is public. There is a neat surprise on it though)

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Thanks guys! He's fun to tool around with...working on a surfboard and converting his head carpartment to Brain Access soon. :)

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