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[MOC/WIP] Blacktron Rises

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This is something that has been in the works for a while now, and I am getting back into working on it. The project consists of a compilation of MOCs, which will then appear in a series similar to a comic (of sorts). I present: Blacktron Rises.


The name speaks for itself, the faction called Neo-Blacktron has appeared and they bring some nasty tech. The story starts off with the Blacktron Commander (think of him like a cross between the Cobra Commander and Char Aznable) and other mech pilots attacking lots of different installations within the solar system, both on the moon and in different space stations. Word of this gets to a corporation, who take action. This corporation is allowed to maintain a private military. They are also neutral when it comes to conflicts (between customers, but they will defend their customers and assets), dable in a variety of technologies and products, and sell to anyone (think Anaheim Electronics after the One Year War). Since Blacktron has attacked several of their customers (which hurts their revenue and cash flow) this corporation intervenes and takes the lead in stopping Blacktron.

The following are some of the mecha that will appear within the series. These are not the final products since some modifications have been done since these pictures were taken last year.


When the original ESIONE unit ( was stolen, Blacktron approached the thieves and traded some of their technology for the blueprints. The thieves would then use Blacktron's technology to upgrade the stolen ESIONE (


The Meteor Trooper is a mass-produced variant of the Commader-type and features different armament. Not shown are the SMG, standard rifle, and handheld shield.


During a technology trade agreement between Nacho Enterprises and Helios Science, several VSL-03 Versailles R ( General Purpose Mechs were handed over to Nacho Enterprises. One of these would be highly modified and customized into the personal mecha of the corporations founder, CEO, and overall boss. This unit would be called the VSL-03 Versailles III: Harbinger Custom (or "Harbinger" for short). While it does not feature the variety of armament available to other mecha, it is highly mobile, maneuverable, and agile to the point of being deadly to its pilot if not handled correctly.

I have decided to take this off of the back burner and focus on it again. I hope to post more updates on this not only here, but on flickr and MOCpages as well!

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