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Hello from the Netherlands!

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Hi all!! My name is Jim and i live in the Netherlands.

I'm 25 years old and Mobile Telescopic/Tower Crane operator is my job! And it all started when i was a small kid, im a big fan of lego technic!

Back then (somewere around 1995) i only had some small Lego System sets.

But soon i got my very first lego technic set wich was 8207

For my 7th birthday i got my first big technic set wich was the pneumatic front end loader 8459!

since then i've been a big fan of technic sets and the construction/truck sets in particular.

when i got the 8462 tow truck for my 8th birthday i've build my very first MOC excavator and many followed! (i just love to build these complex machines full with functions)

8448 was my very first supercar. a few others followed like 8461 and 8466

in 2003 i bought my first crane, 8438, the crane i always wanted when i was a kid!

8455 back hoe followed, absolutely loved that set! so many pneumatics!!

8421 was my second crane

i also started with other hobby's (RC Drifting) so thats were my "dark ages" begun in terms of Lego, i did build a moc every now and then, most of them used pneumatics in them

8275 was the last set i bought in a looong time....2007 is also the year i started my current job.

8043 followed a couple years later, absolutely love that set! such a great model! although it doesnt have was like THE excavator i always wanted to build so it was awsome Lego designed it themselves!

At work as a Mobile Telescopic and Mobile tower crane operator you meet alot of people and you travel to alot of places.

One day at work i saw a picture on the wall of a building wich i found VERY interesting! It was a big material handler (huge excavator like machine) build on a Mobile Telescopic crane carrier!

I did some research and its something that has been done a couple of times in Belgium.

because the job sites are so far apart, they need something that could move the material handler over public highways fast. i thought that would be a great idea to build as a MOC!

first i tried to modify the 8438 chassis, ad 2 more axles etc. but i quickly discovered this would not work. When i looked on the internet for inspiration i saw the new 42009 set...Perfect, just what i needed!

bought one in my local store right away! never build the telescopic boom but instead used the 8043 superstructure panels as a base to build my own crane on top of the carrier.

It now has become a pneumatic monster using 14 big pneumatic cylinders and 2 RC power function motors! in fact it needs so much air that instead of using the standard lego pneumatic pumps i just hook it up to my small airbrush compressor (that i use for the RC hobby). it also sparked my interest in new technic sets.

2015 seems a great year. 42030, 42042 (duh its a crane!) and 42043 (pneumatics are back :D) are on their way and should arrive tomorrow!

Apart from my job, Lego, RC's and game's i have one more hobby...and that are my cars! i own a Tuned Silver 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-spec with 565HP and 624Nm! i use a Renault Twingo from 2007 as a daily drive to go to work. (alot less exciting haha)

I hope you all get to know me a bit better this way! This forum has been a great source of information with alot of great projects and MOC's!



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