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Hello! I'm Hank, from Florida. I mostly collect Star Wars, but I'm working towards collection all the LotR/Hobbit sets. I have all the alien conquest sets, and I've dabbled in collecting Monster Fighters, City, Pirates, and the LEGO movie, but in general I limit myself to Star Wars.

According to Brickset, I have 304 sets, 936 minifigures, and 81734 pieces.

I'm no expert at MOC-ing, but I've tried my hand at it before and built a TIE Interdictor. (You can see an LDD picture here, but I also built it physically.) It's not perfect, but it's much better than I expected for a first attempt. Sadly, I'm generally too busy to get much of a chance to design things.Final%20TIE%20Interdictor.png?dl=0

Outside of the LEGO world, I'm a big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Tolkien, and other such franchises. I'm a student.

I only collect post-2005 LEGO Star Wars sets, as the earlier ones look awful to me (and no one wants licensed yellow figures). My goal (which is unlikely to ever be realized) is to collect a minifigure-scale set of every distinct vehicle/building ever released. To reduce the number of sets this entails and make things easier on my wallet, I am somewhat selective. For example, I only need one version of the Millennium Falcon (much as I'd like more). Also, some vehicles simply aren't unique. I feel I don't need to get every single Jedi Starfighter, as they are pretty much the same, except in different colors and with minor improvements as the years go by. I do try to get every unique (flesh-colored) character, but I don't bother with different versions of the same character.

I'm a purist for the most part. I don't add custom decals to sets, paint bricks, or buy brickarms. When I make a custom minifigure, I use official LEGO bricks in their original form.

I'm pretty excited for Star Wars Episode VII and the sets that will accompany it.

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Welome to Eurobricks, Hank.

Thank you.

Wow, Hank, that's quite an impressive collection. More than I have and I've been doing this for a few years now. :classic:

Thanks. Of course, that figure includes many sets I've dismantled, but I've kept all the pieces for future projects. I was lucky as a child to have a large extended family. :wink:

Welcome to EB! I lile your TIE vehicle. It looks more like a TIE bomber though. :classic:

Thank you. I was always a fan of the TIE bomber, but one day I stumbled across the Interdictor on Wookieepedia. Evidently it's like a bomber times 4 :look: which got me thinking about making it in LEGO.

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